Unspooled roll of 35mm film
Ste7en Foster in the studio recording voiceover for Steel Angel Kurumi with engineer Christopher Bourque and actress Claudia Black
Writer director Ste7en Foster



Hey there. My name is Ste7en Foster. (The 7 is because I got tired of answering the question “ph” or “v”. I’d tell ’em and then they’d still write whatever they wanted to. Now everyone spells it—or numbers it—right. I shoulda done this years ago.)

For 16 years, I was an award-winning writer, director, and producer of English language versions of Japanese anime and I’ve got 83 IMDB titles to my credit, not a bad run. I’m probably best known for the cult hit Ghost Stories, a once ho-hum kids’ show I transformed into “the South Park of anime” and “a comedy for the ages” and, according to 4,343,783 people on YouTube, “the best dub ever produced”.

I’ve been lucky enough to have landed on a magazine cover (which was pretty cool), and was listed as one of The Hot 100, Out magazine’s annual list of the most influential people of the year in entertainment, sports, politics, science, music, art, and culture. I live in Houston and am currently working on my first book.

Thank you for coming to my site. I hope you find something you like. And feel free to drop me a line if you feel up for it. I’d love to hear from you.

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Mac keyboard
Ste7en Foster with makeup artist Victoria Callaway looking at a monitor during the live action shoot for The Super Milk Chan Show

The 411


My work has appeared on Netflix, SkyTV in the UK, Cartoon Network, and the Anime Network. I was thrilled to work with MTV on turning one of my anime into an American series for the Spike network. One of my films debuted at Cannes with an introduction by James Cameron. If you wanna check out my work, I’d recommend the gothic horror thriller Gilgamesh, the stoner comedy Cromartie High School, the fosterized version of The Super Milk-Chan Show (not the Cartoon Network one), and the one MTV had a hard-on for, the college sex romp Colorful!. And, of course, Ghost Stories. To see clips, zip to the STV section of the website.


After being interviewed for a cover story for OutSmart magazine, the publication asked me to become a guest contributor. It took all of about 2 seconds to say “Yes!” As a result, I’ve been able to hang out with some very cool people like Wanda Sykes, rocker/singer/poet Henry Rollins, comedienne Margaret Cho, the director John Cameron Mitchell, poet laureate Kay Ryan, indie darling Sam Phillips, author Bill Clegg, and actor Cheyenne Jackson to name but a few.

Mad Man

Before my career in anime, I was a senior copywriter for an ad agency. I even played creative director when I had my own tiny shop. I’m most proud of the work I did for Kettle restaurants. I got to work with Northern Exposure‘s store owner Ruth Ann, Peg Phillips. Peg’s passed away now but those two years I worked with her were just magical. She was such a great lady. I’d fly up to Seattle where she lived, rent out the same studio Heart had and record Peg in the same suite R.E.M. recorded Automatic for The People! Then I’d take the tapes and fly to Catspaw studios in Atlanta where they were doing the music for the spots. It was all very cool for a young dumbass just starting off in the work world. I also did some fun radio spots for, believe it or not, a head shop that also sold stripper wear (funny spots) and a campaign for a gay bar which I’m pretty sure is the only time a gay bar had radio spots. But it was fun because they won a ton of awards and it was just hilarious hearing this spot about gay life playing in a banquet hall with hundreds of stuffy advertising types who were trying to mask their second-place faces. I don’t like to gloat, but yes, taking gold Addy awards away from Big Oil felt pretty great.

Fun Fact

My liberal take on anime made me famous to millions of people, while making me infamous to a few others, mainly trolls. Now I’m not 100% sure which side is responsible for it, but I…am in the Urban Dictionary! You see, the critics reviewing my shows came up with a word for my “technique” and someone got that word into the Urban Dic. Now “Fosterize” has a kind of snarky definition and while I believe it should read “fucking something up because it wasn’t perfectly fine at all, in fact it kinda sucked“, I’m still oddly proud of this weird little accomplishment. And, yes, I did buy a mug with the definition on it. You can too in the candy store!

ste7en foster on the set of colorful! behind the scenes with cameraman neil sullivan and engineer cesar inserny

Loco for Logo

You may have seen this symbol floating around the website. Well, that’s just me putting my graphic design minor to good use. I’m so proud of this it’s disgusting, really. But I designed a logo for my name and if you can’t figure it out, it’s a 7 being intersected with a T. And what is a seven if it’s got a T stuck in it? Seven + T = Steven. Get it? Get it? (I told you I was disgustingly proud.) Anyone named Steven is free to use it! Sorry, all you ph’ers out there.

grey number 7 intersected with a purple letter T forming the logo for Ste7en

Speaking Confidentially in Public

And that’s about it. I guess the only other thing you need to know is that I get asked to speak sometimes. To groups of 20 to 200 or more, at conventions, at retreats, at schools and symposiums. You can ask me to speak about a particular topic or request something special. I’m open to either. If you’d like to know more, check out the Booking page on the website. You can get in touch with me through there.

As for now, just run around the site and enjoy yourself.