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About the site


As you noticed, the Home page is made up of a series of tiles. Hover over the tile, the title of that tile appears. Click on it, and off you go. The usual suspects are there—the About page, Contact page, there will (eventually) be a shop—but the main feature of the website is the blogs.

Now let’s get to it.

The Blogs


For 16 years, I was surrounded by big boobs, cuddly creatures, nasty trolls, evil kings, handsome heroes, and various monsters. And that’s just the people I worked with. Stories of a life in anime, a blog for fans and gaijin alike. (If you don’t know what gaijin is, that means you  probably are one. It’s okay. I was too at one time.)

'Nuff Said

Essays about life. And livin’ it. It’s not the definitive guide. But it’s pretty darn close. ‘Nuff said.

1 of One

A few years ago, the artist part of me wanted to do things with my hands (not what you’re thinking). So I started making, for lack of a more apropos term, greeting cards. Each card is its own series and there’s only one in that series. It’s 1/1, or one of one, like the hatch mark on pieces of art. I’m not saying these are that, but I think they’re artistic. 


In Greek mythology, sirens were dangerous. I think it’s more dangerous not to listen when women are talking. This is a blog about women with something to say, women I think you’ll be made better by knowing.


There are some songs I think you need to listen to before you die. These are songs that mean or say something to me. I think they’ll resonate with you, too. 


If you like fiction, this is the place for you. Here are short stories I’ve written (though some push that whole “short” concept a little bit).

Vice Vs.

When an essay, a story, or a piece of art can’t convey what I’m trying to say, I turn to verse. I can’t call these poems because I don’t consider myself a poet. But that doesn’t mean these verses can’t have a little poetry to them.

And that’s it for the blogs.

Here’s where the other tiles take you.


STV. Stee-vee. Get it? Yeah, I know. If you’re looking for moving pictures, look here.

The Freshest Posting

Looking for the latest? Hover over this tile and you’ll see where the freshest post can be picked. Click the image and you’ll be taken straight there.


This area will be where I try things out. A script I’m working on, a video idea, whatever. If you’ve got some thoughts about it, make a comment or just email me privately, either way is fine with me. It’s a shooting gallery. I’m just seeing what hits the sweet spot.

The Last Alias

I wrote a book. This will tell you a little of what it’s about and offer a button where you can get your own copy. So far, the reviews have been stellar. But someone’s gonna not like it eventually. Who knows? Maybe that person could be you. (But I doubt it. The book’s pretty great and you don’t seem like a dick.)


Stories about the pandemic so I would quit bitching at Republicans on Facebook. As usual, stress and strife are great catalysts for art.

The Candy Store

I make stuff. And maybe one day soon I’ll have a store where you can buy stuff. (I have to justify this little exercise somehow or my accountant’s gonna kill me.)

That’s it. Now get going.

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Pencil drawing of Ste7en Foster tapping his foot and asking Well?