Now I may be

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Get it?

bg sew


(Get it? Sew? Cuz you know, you…come on, I’m on a roll here!)

Anyhoo, I may be barking up the wrong tree. But since my sorta forced retirement, I’ve been trying to live my life and survival with a little more purpose. I was happy to have these T-shirts go nowhere until I got to thinking, Who do I know who could possibly help me with this? 

I thought of you.

Chloe’s a designer and part of me is embarrassed to even be bringing this up to you guys but I thought maybe you could help. Because you like the idea? Because you know the market? Because you have a distribution network? Because you know someone. Because I am SO out of my element?

If you guys don’t like this idea, truth is, I’ll probably spend an hour researching online T-shirt printers and see what the deal is there. If it turns out to be a convoluted nightmare, this will go nowhere. But if it has the potential to be something more? A hit? The opportunity to work with you two? Then that makes it worth my while.

Cuz I adore you both. You were so sweet to help me with that award ceremony and I just loved every minute I spent with you.

So I worked my little ass off on this proposal and if this falls on deaf ears… well, I’ll have had a nice little polishing of my web skills. But don’t feel bad if you submarine this. I’ve got plenty of fish in my sea. And some are torpedo-proof!

One more thing: When I had my one-man ad agency for just a year, I stole all the gold and silver in radio and won Best in Show. The one anime I got to do anything I wanted to is now a YouTube internet phenomenon that spawned more than 500 related compilation videos, reviews, reaction videos, the works, with millions of views and thousands of comments, spawning over 100 memes. They quote lines I wrote all the time. They’ve even made merch from the show.  And while it’s a little like people loving Lost but not knowing who the hell Damon Lindeloff is, the kids on YT who do find out it was me, call me a god/legend/icon/genius. And still I never thought I was good enough or talented enough. I literally had to lose my mind before I found my self.

I’ve got a helluva track record. Even if it took me dropping outta the race to see that.

Thank you so much for your time. And I hope all that business in the front and in that previous paragraph didn’t seem to egomaniacal. I just wanted to illustrate this isn’t coming from some idiot. Even though it may be idiotic that I’m buggin’ you with it.

Call me whenever and if we don’t meet to discuss this, maybe we can meet and just have a social lunch. It’d be lovely to see you, as I am vaccinated and venturing out and it’d be fun to catch up and see what YOU TWO have been doing. God knows you just got an eyeful of me.