Whether you’re an individual or an individual looking for an entire group, I can speak to whatever your need is. Schedule permitting, I’m available for both one-on-one sessions, or I can give a talk to an entire assembly. This is the page where you can book me for a session or an event, and how you can contact me to get more information about your special situation. Below are some of my areas of expertise that I share with friends and clients.




Do you have a project you’re needing some help with? Are you an actor wanting some feedback on, say, an audition? Maybe you need help marketing yourself or your script. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a little guidance. If so, then schedule a 30 minute consult.

I can share some of the lessons I’ve learned in my 20 years in the entertainment industry or from my decade in marketing. I can help you evaluate a project or script you’re working on. Or I can just be an experienced audience to bounce things off of. I can share with you tried and true approaches I’ve used, industry tips and shortcuts, anything I can do to help.

Here are a few of the services I’ve helped clients with:

Audition Prep

Career Consulting

Concept Evaluation

Finding An Agent

Interview Assistance

Pitch Preparation

Portfolio Review

Production Expertise

Reel Review

Resume Review

Script Evaluation

Script Coverage

Strategic Planning



Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to get invited to speak at a function. It could be a business gathering, a conference, a convention—I can be anywhere at (almost) any time. Below are some of the talks I give. If you’d like me to come speak to your group or at your function, just send me an email. The purpose of all my engagements is to educate, inform, motivate, entertain, maybe even inspire. After all, that’s what good storytelling does. And that’s what I do. My name is Ste7en Foster. And I tell stories.


Session Subjects

You’re not crazy, your job is just drawn that way.


For 16 years I was surrounded by beautiful women, handsome heroes, nasty trolls, cute little things, and monsters of all kinds. And I’m not talking about the anime characters. These are stories are from over a decade in a crazy business. And the talk is about the incredible pressures of today’s workplace, having to do your job in front of everybody, and how you can thrive doing so.

Stumbling Toward Success

The path to success isn’t a straight line, no matter how badly we want it to be. It’s more like a winding road. It’s like following the steps of a drunk. You swerve this way and that, you lose your balance. You stumble. Sometimes you catch yourself, sometimes you fall. (And sadly you’re totally sober the whole time.) Here are some key truths for some of those dips and sways, and stories that show sometime, maybe sometime your stumble could lead to your greatest climb.

It’s not the person, it’s the path.

The fundamentals of understanding.


1 in 5 Americans are suffering from some form of mental illness—from mild depression to schizophrenia. With numbers like that, there’s a good chance that if you’re not a sufferer yourself, you know someone who is. It’s time the subject became a talking point we can actually talk about. This is very frank discussion is about gaining a basic understanding about the disease and how to react when someone tells you they have it. Or how you can tell someone you have it.

From Hellywood to Hollywood

I can’t make you a star. I’m not going to make you an overnight success on the big screen and I’m not going to catapult your script into greenlight heaven. But I can help you get your foot in the door, which is more than half the battle. Here. I walk you through step-by-step how to make an undeniable impact that an agent or manager finds almost impossible to ignore. The methods are tested and proven. And now they can be yours. This talk is structured more toward actors or toward writers but is not recommended for novices in either field. It is advised that some level of professional or scholastic acting training must have been received or at least one screenplay written.

It’s the walk of fame, not the walk of shame.

How do you run your set?

The Direct Approach

Any business is like a production, every project is like movie, every workplace like a film set. Which makes the boss the director, in charge of a million different aspects of each moving part, each and every day, with countless numbers of people coming to you wanting answers. Or direction. This talk, designed for CEOs, managers, and the like, shows you how to apply the basic principles of movie-making to your own role as leader—and how to use them to be a more effective, successful one. How to motivate people toward a common goal, how to find and nurture talent, how to retain your stars, and how to handle a finicky public.

One Subject Sessions

If you have a certain situation or particular issue in your organization or group, feel free to email me about it. You’re wanting to get a team to work together on a difficult project, or there’s a certain goal you all have in mind. A talk could be tailored to your unique situation, where the story being told directly relates to your unique circumstance. Below is a partial transcript for an example, from a talk on finding your voice.


All Talks*

Talks are approximately 20-30 minutes in length or 45-60 minutes, with a formal scheduled break and talk folder.

*Special consideration given to non-profits, schools, and universities.