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First of all, I’ve been to the beach and the chances of a nearby Carnival cruise ship hearing me doing karaoke on the surf are about nil. So I find it a little hard to believe that these women’s song was seducing anybody. And what’s with all this beckoning the men to come to shore? You could look at it that way, but what does that say about your view? It’s much more probable that the men were so filled with their own egos—just sure the women were wanting to fuck them, natch—that they mistook those hand signals. The sirens weren’t waving them to come on over, they were warning the dumbasses to get back, there’s a bunch of rocks that are gonna bust your ass, stay away. That “song” they heard? More like women screaming a warning, that’s what I think. But history has painted these women as manipulative, sneaky, plotting, scheming prick teases who were in it for the money when what they actually were was a group of girls trying to (again) stop a man from doing something stupid.

If this is the true way the shit—and the ship—went down, it’d be just like a man to flip the story so he couldn’t be blamed. One variation of the myth even has Odysseus or somebody forcing his fellow shipmates to hogtie him to the mast, such was the power of these women’s wailings. It’s so Camille. How is it their fault if you can’t keep your dick in your pants? I don’t know if you should get points for having to tie yourself to restrain yourself. Seems a little weak to me.

So the next time you think you know what a woman is saying, you might want to doublecheck yourself and make sure you’re actually listening to her. You might be misinterpreting what she’s saying. Either that or you can’t hear what she’s saying because you’re too busy mansplaining. Believe you me, if men listened to women a bit more, there’d be a lot less shipwrecks to clean up.