Please do not attempt to adjust your set.

Welcome to STV. S-TV. Or Stee-vee. I have to confess I’m not a great technical editor. Luckily for me there are some very talented fans and skilled hobbyists out there who can do this whole editing and uploading thing with far better prowess than I can. So they’ve edited clips or compilations (and, um, sometimes whole episodes) on YouTube and for that, I’m grateful. It’s very flattering and more than a little humbling that they find my work worthy enough for them to spend their time and talents on. I think their work is pretty cool, too, so I’m basically just doing what they’re doing, pointing out something I think is cool. So if you like what you see, seek out the rest of the show on DVD or VOD. These are all shows I’m pretty proud of. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…


For video, just click on the TV sets.


The famous Ghost Stories. Of all the shows I did, even the wildest adaptations, this one—except for the character and ghost names and some adlibs by the actors—is all me. Periodically, I’ll still read the comments for this one on YouTube. They’re hilarious. And it’s just thrilling when people actually like your stuff enough they quote it. Very cool. Not for the PC crowd, so if you tend to clutch your pearls easily, maybe keep this one for the bigger kids.


There are two versions of The Super Milk-Chan Show. One is exactly like the original, all the confounding Japanese jokes in place. There’s another “fosterized” version that changes things to bend a bit more American in its comedy. Happily, that one is viewed as the superior dub and it still confounds us all why Cartoon Network aired the other one. But it is what it is. I still really like the Office-like throughline of live action with the cast and crew just because I’m a fan of the cast. But the anime itself is a fun show. Hilarious performances.


A trailer for Gilgamesh, a dark thriller and the first goth anime ever produced. I went method when recording this, setting up the studio with black bare trees, black silks, and candles. All the actors wore black to their sessions to keep with the pitch black mood of the show. Check it out if you ever find it. It’s a slow burn, but a hot one. Sublime performances by a sprawling cast, too.


 This is a behind-the-scenes peek at how the recording process plays out. This session was with the incomparable Claudia Black. She’s an amazing talent, and she has a great sense of humor, as you can tell by the screen.


Pani Poni Dash. A cute show with an almost all-girl cast, which made it a lotta fun to record. This is a trailer for the show, one of the few times I think I did alright as the VO.


A short vignette from the show Colorful! It was a sex comedy about guys in college trying to get laid, so I cast it with a bunch of comics—Mike MacRae, Rob Mungle, Tommy Drake. This was the first show where I shot live footage to go with the show and that little extra helped the show get rave reviews. I’ll try to find that in my stash and put that up here.