arcade hot tea page 5

T I'm shy

I’m shy. So this shirt is making the first move for me.

I see you’re curious. I like that.

T Curious

Looks like the $19.99 I paid for this shirt is already paying off.

T 19 shirt
T made you look

Made you look! Made you look!

T how about a hug

Now that you’re here, how about a hug?

Excellent! Now you’re within smacking range.

This of course could mean kissing OR hitting. (Though I meant it as hitting!)
T smacking range
T Hoping youi'd fall

I was hoping you’d fall for this.

And here’s one that could be taken a little naughty but I didn’t mean it that way.

Just one more step and you’d be really into me. Or into me. Really.

T into me (1)
T if you're nasty

And here’s one that is naughty!

You’re about 11 inches too low. (Or 22 inches too high if you’re nasty.)

And finally a seasonal one you should be able to read yourself.

T mistletoe

But if you can’t:

With this shirt, who needs mistletoe?