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A few years back I wanted to do something creative that was a little outta my wheelhouse. So I made 1-of-a-kind greeting cards.

Butterfly Card

I know. It’s pretty gay. But don’t laugh. These two nice ladies at Nordstrom were angels helping me buy my bed and I made them each a thank you card. Not only did I get thank you cards from them for my thank you cards, within  a week I had the head of Nordstrom’s marketing department calling me.

Rock Chef

They wanted me to make cards for their exclusive 1% clients. I totally flattered but I politely declined, telling her I had a day job that took up more hours than it should and that the cards take me so long to make I’d have to charge a fortune for them.

Card - Death Valley

But still…neat, huh?
Even my hobbies are hits!

Then I got back to more word-centric pieces in digital media. Designing what I call "slates."

FT Failure

some are Sexy

some are Inspiring

FT Kiss Me
FT Squid

some are Funny

some are Weird

FT Lost Keys

Then one day I came up with…now I’m embarrassed to even mention it…

lucille get on with it