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T shirts

I know, I know.
Don’t kick me outta the room just yet.

Sydney, I maybe bothering you and Chloe with something that is way below your pay grade and place in the fashion landscape. But see if this goes anywhere.

I wanted to sort of transcend the usual T-shirt exchange, which is:

You wear a shirt with an image or message on it.
I read that message or see that image.
You keep walking. I keep walking.

I wondered if there wasn’t maybe some way to cause greater engagement, something more of an interaction. Make somebody laugh. Or get them to think. To do something. So this is what I came up with.

A T with a large filigree-like design to draw your attention to a small line of text between.

tshirts white

If you can’t read that (which is the point), it says, “Then a line you have to get closer to read to get the joke or the message.”

So I came up with several lines that were fun and whittled those down. I really doubted I was going to get off my ass and do anything with them, to be honest.

Then covid happened and I thought, Gee, it’s a good thing I never did anything with that T-shirt idea cuz they’d be one of the biggest clothing bombs ever. Because the whole concept is proximity.

And then a year later, I wondered if maybe the pandemic isn’t the buzzkiller I thought it was.

Maybe it was an opportunity. So I came up with more lines