steve side
steve return

THIS IS THE FACE OF A MAN WHO HAS JUST BEATEN HIS WIFE. This is also the face of a man who's just beaten his wife and now realizes he's going to have to sit next to her in a plane for three hours.

steve crazy eyes
mia forward

A little nervous. But doin' okay so far.

mia action

Little more nervous now Ball's gettin' closer.

mia scared

Now it's full flyswatter mode She's even on her TIPTOES.

Bottom line: this girl would not make it in Texas. If this is the way she reacts to a pingpong ball, wait til she sees one of our fist-sized flying cockroaches comin' at her.

josh far
josh net
josh ms

And I mean it, the whole trip was worth it just to get this shot. Josh, YOU are a rock star.

josh best