The Last Alias

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked, Who the hell is that?

Ste7en Foster thought he knew the answer to that question. But when a trio of tragedies struck, he didn’t know who he was anymore. When he went looking, he didn’t find himself. Instead, he saw 23 versions of himself, identities he had designed and used like masks—consciously and subconsciously—through the years. And each had their own story.

Ad man. Madman. Father. Feminist. Freak of nature. Man of faith. Out Hot 100 lister. Urban Dictionary term. The funniest writer-director in anime history, the man behind Ghost Stories. Survivor. Sinner. Defender. The Other Man. The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing.

This is a collection of stories that are heartbreaking. And hilarious. Disturbing and inspiring. Some intense, many unforgettable. Always insightful, often illuminating. They’re about facing who you think you are, who you hide behind, and finding the real you beneath all your disguises.

The Last Alias is not a book about one man, but about the many lives one man can live. It’s about listening to and looking through yourselves so you can discover who you really are.

This is a book about Ste7en Foster.

But it is everyone’s story.

For 16 years, Ste7en Foster was anime’s most creative—and controversial—writer/director. His shows have appeared on Cartoon Network, The Anime Network, G-4, SKY TV UK, and are currently featured on Hulu, Netflix, and Of the over 70 anime titles he has produced, he is best known for the rowdy romp Colorful!, the stoner comedy Cromartie High School, the irreverent Super Milk-Chan Show, gothic thriller Gilgamesh, and the cult smash Ghost Stories, an anime adored by millions and often cited as the best dub ever produced. He has been listed on the Out Hot 100 and his name actually inspired a word in the Urban Dictionary. This is his first book.

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The Bone Trees

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night

The Penguin

The Corner

Just A Gigolo

Bear With Me


Sirens: A Myth Understanding

Boo! The True Story of Ghost Stories

Basket Case


Marvel, Us

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The Survivor
The Freak of Nature
The Believer
The Ingrate
The Feminist
The Hyphenate
The Shrinking Violet
The Protector
Sheep in Wolves Clothing
The One and Lonely
The Other Man
The Sinner
The Real Me

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Step & Repeat



Apart of It

The List

Interior Desecrator

Christian’s Lament (A Country & Western Song)

The Sickness Suite

                         The God RA

                                       A Man of Substance

                                        Non Compos Mentis

Le Vrai Moi