Vice Vs A Christmas Verse

A Christmas Verse Web Pic

Something written very long ago when I was in an extremely trying place. It’s a little simple, but I wanted to keep it kinda greeting card-esque since it was for such a very diverse, multi-ethnic group of wonderful people of various ages and positions.

I wonder how much frankincense is on the open market
I’d have to pawn something to get it, nothing much in my pocket
I hear the wise men gave some of the stuff to the Christ child
I wonder where you get it, do you plant it? Does it grow wild?

Maybe I could score some gold or perhaps a little bit of myrrh
Both are precious to some. Not much to him, quite a lot to her
Unfortunately I don’t have much of anything this season to give
Hand-to-mouth is the ways to my means. Now it’s how I live

So I’ll give you a little something taken from very deep inside
A gift certificate of words you could say, how hard I tried
to make it mean something, maybe as much as you, to me
But that’s impossible, like trying to put a price on what’s free

But I hope it does a little something, that it shows you the truth
The gift you’ve given me as precious as ones from my youth
It’s like the surprise present, the biggest one you open up last
You’ve given me hope for the future by healing my past

I hope your Christmas is filled with things you’ll treasure
Equal to the ones you’ve given to me in good measure
My heart is always giving you a gift you can’t see
So this year, pretend it’s there, right under your tree