Vice Vs Do Your Worst

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Do Your Worst Fractal

You didn’t look much like a fighter
But after that dangerous all nighter
I spent all the next morning hiding
The knives, the guns, and the lighter
Though I knew I was only biding
My time

I cowered as expected, scarred my knees
Begged for my inheritance and your incurable disease
Unzipped your pants, then laced your glove
Obeyed every command with Yes Sir and Please
Receiving every punishment you thought of
In your mind

I know this is just the genesis for you
Many books to go til revelation ends this abuse
Go ahead, bring it on, do your worst
Just don’t deceive yourself you were the first

All my life this was the madness I’d attract
Blindfolded, ballgagged, hands tied behind my back
Not good or giving lovers, just the dark and profane
Another scar on my skin, victim of the attack
I lost every pleasure but the pain always became
So easy to find

Your mouth waters as the bruise colors my skin
Another calf to slaughter you seared your brand in
Now I’ve got the bull by the horns and you by the ring
Back from the dead, born again through my sin
Your stolen plans now desperate offerings you bring,
Rightfully mine

Long shadow cast over your damaged shell of a soul
The player got played, I did what I was told
Cried on cue, smiled like it was new, took your worst
Look at you feeding on your hunger, drowning in thirst

I don’t think I could love you any more now
The victor now victim,
prince turned to pauper,
the blessed now cursed.

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