Vice Vs Hard As Diamonds

Vice Vs Hard As Diamonds

I see you glitter
I see your name on Twitter
All your accomplishments documented
while I just wish I was fitter
(happier, more productive)

I know sometimes its hard for you to
I dont mean to imply its anything not
as difficult as my burdens are to me
I dont want you to think I forgot
How you came around when I was lost

How you stayed when I needed someone there
How you reached through all my madness
How you pulled me from the brink there were times where
I didnt know if I would have made it out without you

But you can be hard
I know you can be hard
Hard as diamonds you are
Hard as diamonds
Just as beautiful


  1. Courtney Daniels
    March 13, 2018 @ 10:15 pm

    Great poem. Impactful.


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