Vice Vs Just What The Doctor Ordered

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People have given me drugs before. People have sold me drugs before. Most of the time because I wanted it. Sometimes because I thought I needed it. But no one has ever eased my pain like the people at the Harris Country Northwest Pharmacy. NO ONE.

I’ve been coming here for years now
In the beginning I came in tears, how
difficult it was for me back then
They said I’d get better
I didn’t know when

At home I’d grow confused
With all the bottles I used
The myriad of pills therein
One day I’d take them
Never to end, just begin

But when you hand me those pills
You may find you cure many ills
other than those that you thought
When I was confused you helped me
Much more often than not

I know each of your faces
How you extend your good graces
to me as I come to your window
What would I do without your kindness
I have to confess I don’t know

You, who give me my prescription
Me, hemmed in by my illness, bordered
You are much more to me than the pills I take
The way you treat me, just what the doctor ordered

the way that you treat me,
just what the doctor ordered.