Vice Vs Men In Suits

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Written for two friends on their wedding. Feel free to copy it and use it if you come to find an occasion you need it.

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Men in suits on Saturday
All dressed up, they’re going away
from everything here and toward something else
together forever, come what may.

They’re standing before others
Cousins and wives, sisters, brothers
Look at them now as they begin to become
something more than mere lovers.

I don’t know what is promised
I have no idea what’s for me
Maybe there’s love on the horizon
Maybe my “I” will turn into “we”
But I don’t want it if it’s not like theirs
That’s what I want it to be,

A love that is endless, everlasting and true
As deep as green ocean, big as sky blue
I’ve seen how their love stays, how it remains
Maybe a love like theirs will happen to you

Their whole life is ahead of them now
that they’re together, two heads bowed
in a duet before God, these two so in love
This is what love is, unimaginable how

it lasts.

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