Vice Vs Pavlov’s Daughter

Pavlovs Daughter

She hasn’t really been around lately
Distracted, discarded for years
Ruled by pain and larger terrors
Where the failures rivaled the fears
A kaleidoscope broken, out of focus
Her vision at last starting to clear

Laughter was a pleasure long forgotten
The blue days were always the same
The music that once used to delight her
Is only another source of pain
If you met her you wouldn’t recognize her
On the tip of your tongue, a ghost of a name

But everybody wants her now
She can scarcely believe it
She found a way somehow
A life, she can retrieve it
Now she found what would allow
something finally to relieve it

The steps are somewhat familiar
As she tries to navigate this new path
She’s under a new god this time
One of compassion and free of wrath
It’s like leaving it all over again
A new language, a new script, a new math

And everybody wants her now
Come ring the bell for Pavlov’s daughter
She’s at last found the way how
To lead the lamb away from the slaughter
Drop the curtain and take a bow
A high price, but someone new has bought her